Supermodels better than us

Reading the June issue of Vogue, the gracious editor, Ms. Wintour, hath provided us with the insight into the wonderful women. who are the beautiful exemplars of how to live lives that are VALUABLE and STYLISH. She writes:

"Take Gisele Bundchen: How admirable that this unpretentious young woman from Brazil has almost SINGLE-HANDEDLY kept the supermodel alive, on whose continued existence so many jobs depend."

Oh how much the modern celebrity and beautiful person have done to better the lives of us plain-looking folk!

Sometimes one just has to sit back and really think about everything the beautiful have done for us and the lives they have touched. I look around and see the headlines: Victoria Secret Models Install Desalination Plant in India; Tyra Banks Saves Teen Lives on UPN talkshow; Adrian Lima Fights Off Invading Aliens With Super Might and Pout.

Thinking about it--My children pray to the alter of the supermodel and exude gratitude for our daily bread. I guess it's nice that the beautiful are ever so much more stylish and useful than the rest of us.

I suppose that I should really learn from this letter. Brokering peace between nations is nowhere as important as being able to wear a rhinestone bra. Remember that. We really should be more thankful.

Be my friend...please

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